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Hello, I am the Milf Bitch and am a dominant mature woman, who would like to meet nice men and women for horny sex games. I do not want stress, but horny and unrestrained sex with you. I am open for a lot and would like to try everything before I decide if I like it. Would appreciate a nice message from you. many cool greetings Milf Bitch
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Naked under the black paint coat.
Yes, I also like crazy and daring. Anyway, this is how this series of pictures were made, only with a paint coat, I`m on the way and have nothing under it. I love to show myself naked in public and I like to show that I am dominating and smoking.
Piss my girlfriend on the tits.
I love horny golden shower games as well as my blonde girlfriend and so I pee her a whole load of my hot piss full on the tits. She loves it and rubs her with my piss your sexy tits, you want to piss us sometimes?
Milf-Bitch wears pantyhose and nothing else.
You like tights? Geil me too, it`s so exciting to feel the substance on the body. I would like to fuck times when I have a pair of tights. Must be cool and want to try?
Outdoor photo series in patent leather and leather corsage.
The sun is shining, you have to use it immediately for a photo series or not? So in any case, these photos have been created in a black / red paint and leather corset with fishnet tights.
Piss my girlfriend right in the face.
I`m sitting in the gyro chair, smoking a cigarette when my friend, escort Carmen, comes in. I ask you if she wants to lick me my pussy, of course, the horny beast lust. She licks me horny, but suddenly I get a real pressure on my bladder. Try to keep up, does not work and I piss Carmen right in the face. What makes the horny pig, only twitches and then opens his mouth very far and drinks my piss.
Photoshooting at the german corner.
Here are some great photos from an outdoor photo shoot at the German Eck. I`m watching in black lingerie and I hope you like the pictures.
Lady on the river
For the photo session, I took only my coat and show me on the Rhine. Are my eyes still ladies or already wicked, what do you mean ???
Lesbian play with my girlfriend Anna.
A bit of Lesbian never hurts, I thought and immediately seduced my girlfriend Anna. She is a really cute blonde mouse with great tits and I can understand that the guys run after her. Well maybe we invite a nice man and make a brisk threesome, that would be nothing for you.
When pissing in the shower
I love pissing and this time I`m pissing in the shower. Do you also like pissing, if so we can do something together
Casandra in black corsage
A small photo series of me in a black corsage and black stockings. After smoking, I am completely undressed except for my stockings
Casandra your dominatrix
So I could receive you as your dominatrix, in a red / black lacquer and leather lace-up corsage and the hair tied tightly to the back. If you do not obey your mistress I gladly take my whip to chastise you, the slaves have to obey the mistress. These pictures are obligatory for every slave so that he can always long for his mistress.
In brown lace-up corsage and black stockings
Another small photo series taken in my living room. This time only with a brown lace-up corsage and black stockings
Do you want to fuck me like this ???
In addition to my black and dominant style, I also have a white private art and in this photo series you can see how I live out. I love a man to blow the black hard to pamper him with my tits and allow me durchzuficken in all positions. Finally, I get the whole load of cum injected in the face just awesome. On the pictures is my ex-fucker to see who unfortunately had to return to the US and now I need a replacement. Until you maybe and do we want to have fun together ???
Lady in Black
Yes, Lady in Black. Today hair, coat, underwear, stockings and boots, all in black, only the pussy is pink. Do you want to go out with me like that, should we go to bed before or after, or before and after?
A milf in leopard coat
A nice man visited me and he made a small photo series of me in black lingerie and leopard coat. Of course we also had plenty of fun afterwards, but I could also feel like you once if you want.
Two women in lingerie
A few free pictures for you from my girlfriend Eva and me. How do you like the lingerie we wear, cool ???
Small photo series with my blonde girlfriend
Today I would like to show you a small series of photos of me and my blond girlfriend, the whore Carmen. We did it together in Koblenz at the Deutsches Eck. I hope you like the photos.
Me in blue lingerie
Photos taken at my home in private, I in chic blue lingerie. I show you almost everything about me, but only almost everything.
Come to me in my bed
In chic black lingerie, I`m waiting for you, come to my love nest and let`s do evil and dirty things.
Pissing and smoking
Yes, I have two passions, I like to smoke and I love to pee guys. If you also feel like tasting of my pee, no problem. Is so horny a man full of pipe in the mouth and face to pee, that makes me totally horny
Free photos of me.
Here is a small free photo series from me, hope you like you. greeting Casandra
I like to show myself so naked
Yes, I love to undress for men, that makes me totally horny. I like to play with my body.
I make myself naked for you
So slowly you realize that I`m a showy milf. Yes it makes me horny to show my tits and my pussy. Do you like mature women?
On the leather sofa with red satin
There I lie completely naked on the leather sofa and räkele me on the red satin sheet and am so alone. I think it will be time for you to visit me, what do you mean?
Milf Bitch all naked
Today I show you how I like to show myself, completely naked without annoying clothes, I hope you like that. If so, I like to show more photos of me.
Milf Bitch in pantyhose
Hello, a small photo series of me in pantyhose, I hope this is a fetish of you also like. It makes me at least a lot of friend to show me so, gladly also in the public.


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Ich will mal wieder so richtig ausgelassenen Sex erleben. Mit allem was beiden Spaß macht, ohne Schmerzen. Sonst hab ich wenige Tabus, ich liebe es spannend, knisternd erotisch, mit gegenseitigem Aufreizen ich bin rasiert und auch mal nicht gefällt dir das ja?? mir gefällt auch ANAL,ORAL,VAGINAL. Genauere Vorlieben bezüglich des Äußeren habe ich nicht, Ich liebe die Abwechslung so jetzt warte ich auf dich. habe auch GEILE VIDEOS UND BILDER für dich hinterlegt deine geile Mausi
Ich bin ehrlich nett und treu, und für jeden Spaß zu haben.
Verückt, liebe das Leben
suche nicht unbedingt jemanden zum gleich heiraten, bin finanz unabhänig
Bin nicht die schönste aber die beste!
Ich bin nett, aufgeschlossen und ehrlich.
reliable, always cheerful , lively, crazy ...
Ich treibe viel Sport und das in jeder Hinsicht.
Keine Frau für eine Nacht
Hi I`m Chris. I am curious and love the variety also go in summer like to swim and I love nature, so also my nick Naturalchris.
Ne ganze menge denke ich. :-)