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Temperament... Fire... Individuality... Creativity... Sexy... Curvy... Tattooed... Whirlwind in lingerie and more in writing, sexy poses, sports, home office and reanactment. Curious? Write to me and let yourself be surprised by what will happen^^


Let me be your sexy PinUp Police girl
An outfit, horny boots and a sexy redhead... may I arrest you and take you to the station? There is a horny cell waiting for you ^^
Excitement, play and the great outdoors 2
You know I love Rügen ... naked skin, fun and cool places... I think you can see this love.... Part 2
Excitement, play and the great outdoors
You know I love Rügen ... naked skin, fun and cool places... I think you can see this love
A sexy day at the beach 5/5
Besides negligees and lingerie, exoticism and eroticism on the beach also goes differently ... topless in army style ... that definitely has something ... and here the breasts are really free Collect them all and get a reward
Dirndl unconventional
Yes, the flair of the dirndl has also grabbed me a little and I have implemented it somewhat unconventionally ... do you like it?
1. autumn shooting
The start of the 3rd third of the year is successful... the autumn is just around the corner and I want to sweeten it for you ^^ Sexy, erotic, in corset, leather jacket and boots... the golden season can come . Treat yourself
Sexy, erotic, me
What more do you need for a good start to the week than.... me ^^ Sounds arrogant ? I`m not but a little self-praise may also be times... or what do you think? Just give yourself a present with... me on your screen ^^
Sexy Lady in Black
Hot boots, my favorite jacket and a black wig.... does it need more to make me even hotter ? You tell me!
One sexy Day at the beach 2/5
My favorite - sexy negligee, my horny body and seductive eye bumps.... what does that make ? A hot redheaded mermaid in the water ... do you like her? Collect them all and get a request video by arrangement
A sexy day at the beach 3/5
Loose, casual, relaxed and yet sexy and seductive... the sea, the beach and me in a perfect symbiosis... what more could you ask for... Collect them all and get a video by arrangement as a request video
My new horny tattoo
I brought myself a special souvenir from a trip... what do you think ?
One sexy Day at the beach 1/5
A sexy negligee, a horny body and seductive eye lashes.... what does it make ? A hot redheaded mermaid in the water ... do you like her ? Collect them all and get a request video by arrangement
Wallpaper for you
Your screen needs a new background? You want to dream and get hot at the same time? Here you will find ... sexy, mysterious and exotic in my very special and own way. Which image will decorate your background from now on ?
Sexy fun on water cart
In the paddock had spontaneous fun ... natural, cheerful, sexy and horny... Could you have kept the Kameraruhighhalten ?..
Feet on tour 1
My feet during the trip to Usedom... first part Often something different from me for you
A happy summer solstice from me to you. A dear greeting of a different kind. Enjoy the summer together with me, many kisses Your Lavinia
Thank you for cam time June
The 3000 minutes were not quite cracked therefore a slightly modified thank you for participating in the challenge ^^ Maybe we will make it at the next one that it is completely fulfilled? Maybe when hopping through the cams make the minute full each ;-) I would be happy ^^ because the idea for the actual gift I still have in mind, hihi
Horny fun on Rügen
In the middle of the storm it drove me to Rügen ... the more my covers fell the more the sun came out. I wonder if the sun was horny ? Maybe you can tell me ... ^^ More pictures with more skin ... Ask me
My sexy booty all pure and in black white
By popular demand ... just my horny ass without distraction or TamTam. Does not he look awesome ?
Sexy selfies and horny boobs
From my phone directly for you . Sexy selfies to dream and horny breasts to Wixxen... enjoy it and have fun
Green screen special 1
Time a few pictures of a different kind for you ... Sterntaler newly interpreted. How does the dirndl suit me?
Forest walk
A walk in the forest that became quite hot . Hotter than the sun because this did not want to compete with me... what do you say, rightly ?
Maundy Thursday
To start the Easter weekend here are a few selfies of me to enjoy and rejoice
Toy wanted 2
We are still looking for YOU! Deliver yourself to us ... be our toy and find out how far your limits can be expanded! Hurry up before someone else takes your place!
Erster Special Part 2, the Hunt for Bunny Lavinia is running
Since the first clue was not enough for you, the 2nd hiding in this gallery ... where am I to be found at Easter and when? Who will be the first and picnic with me? I am curious and joyfully excited ... Besides you will find in this gallery horny curves hot packed and the one or the other beaming smile
Easter Special Part 1, the Hunt for Bunny Lavinia is open
Where does a day begin? Of course in bed! Sexy Redhead in bed ... here I open the bunny hunt On one of the pictures is the 1st hint where I will be on Easter weekend! I will be there with boulettes and potato salad waiting with the first to appear picnic. He who seeks, finds From this series of pictures there are also pictures with more skin.... Who may have these write to me!
Toy searched
We want YOU! We are bored... come and be our toy! Do you dare to surrender to us ?
hot curves in a double pack
One look, one stroke... and already the spell was broken! A spontaneous coffee date quickly turned into something hot with the promise of more ... you think it should be more, right?
AssHot and BreastsFree
Delicate lace that play around my fiery curves and strapps that you do more .... but fingers and hands on my bare skin ... I wouldn`t say no to that ... do you want to be my negligee?
Ass horny packed
My ass in full glory ... and my front is also not to be sneezed at. Do you like the next time to put your own hand?
hot curves innocent in white
I have packed and tied up my curves for you quite innocently - did I succeed in camouflaging, what do you think?
Curves hot packed
Enjoy the sight of my curves wrapped in sexy lingerie and see how the covers fall... would you have liked to help me undress?
New Colour, New luck
Today was my first time at the Coiffeur for a long time and I played a little bit ... does the New colour fit me?
Ass, chest and a vibrator
I always wanted to present my ass messed up with my hand on it... and somehow a virbrator and chest came into play, Where would your hand have liked to be?
Hard or tender
My hands can do many things - punishment, praise, stroking and more. Which gait should it be with you?
Merry Christmas
Not a long text today... just a super nice party to all of you! Greetings your Lavinia
You always wanted to know what angels wear in bed? Well, I usually don`t do anything but I`m not an angel ^^ Would you come to my bed and "dress" me a little more comfortably ^^?
the Angel is having fun^^
the angel just had fun at the shoot ... I hope you can see it ^^
sexy Devil
seductive in black... Do you let me sit on your right shoulder and whisper messy thoughts in your ear?
Angelbitch sharp in pose
Latex on her legs, handcuffs and a sexy woman in blond... is that how you get going with the thought?
Bondage ^^ a little different
I let myself be a little tied up today...^^ in a different way
Breasts in `Flames`
My Christmas spirit is increasing ... your ^^? Today my breasts in flames^^
blonde Bitch in Lacquer
An angel with Gerte and in a lacquer outfit... your mixture of which are wet dreams. May I brace your buttocks?
A day at the sea, carefree and beautiful ... who comes with me in the floods to swim?? ^^
Conversations with a glowing deer 1
Today I had in my shooting visit from a CoStar... suddenly he was sitting with me on the bed and made himself comfortable there ^^ if you want to know what we were talking about ... if you ask dearly I will tell you maybe ^^
hot woman in hot water
With so much heat in the bathroom, the windows fog up extremely... but the heat does not come from the water but from me. It hasn`t cooled down either^^ Do you think there was still room for you in the water?
Just me, myself and my Overknees
These pictures have no fabric... just a little latex on my legs... Pure me!
your new wet dream
May I introduce you... I am the new content of your wet dreams. What do you do with me in them?


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I am MILF, always horny Lina, with awesome, big tits and curvy ass, and i LOVE pervers sex! I have some sexy outfits, stockings, high heels. toys, and much more! Do you have some phantasies? So tell me about them and we can make a reality of them! ;)
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