Herrin-Nycky (36)
I am Mistress Nycky, who can be dominant, often very domineering but also very emotional! I like to write, just listen, make some crazy and extraordinary fun.


Dog Slave Bondage
How wonderful you can pack and tie a slave in the Advent season. There he lay for hours on the floor and was able to sweat off with nice heating air :)
my new catsuit and ....
Finally came my new order, a new catsuit and chic ballerina. That you can look forward to sexy outfits :) Look at the small photo session.
The piggy and the tampon
As our year-end event has registered a pig, which is on a lot of pretty slimy and wet Tampons from my Pussy, but I made the bother and this cancel ... like happy a pig but with tampons looks like ... just look at it.
Foiling my sissy
After I received a free ticket of my sissy and she had promised me their confidence, I started with their first wonderful foliation .... look for yourself;)
The sissy cleans
Today was again Sissy day with us and then I thought, anyway long talk around and spend only in the living room with a fashion show, the Sissy can sometimes clean my bathroom in her paint dress and nylon stockings. With a little help from the phone and some instructions, she did so well and got even a reward :)
my sissy foiled
After our event on 16-18.11. had worked well and I was allowed to meet wonderful people the days, I`ll let you like to participate with it, to be able to see some photos of it like me. my sissy foil and wrap
Sissy and the plug
After my Sissy had cleaned so diligently with her chic polish outfit and nylon stockings, my bath, she was allowed as a reward to introduce her favorite plug with vibrating ball in her asshole .... but she did well. If you want to be in your position, then write to me!
Boots dirty
After the slave had jerked me yes on the boot, which he then left unclean, he had to do the following instructions ... see for yourself!
A nice sissy day
When my sissy (Gina) now visited my private premises, we enjoyed a wonderful day. She put on the KG, introduced a plug and played my sissy puppy, massaged my feet .... you yourself
wank and lick
After my slave had to wear a penis cage for 7 days, he was allowed to wank mercifully, as I once had the desire to cook ... see how nice I can be to my slave;)
hot photo shoot in boots and paint
Here you can see a few hot shots in the Freaky Rooms, which were done by me in the Lackoutfit, nylons and hot boots. Have fun.
posing in the new catsuit
... finally my new catsuit arrived and he was already dressed. Just perfect and how sexy he emphasizes my figure. Now I just need the right shoes ... can you help me with that?
Photo story with forest documentary
Small photo story with forest documentary, where you can apply to me, to experience a nice fetish holiday with me on the Baltic Sea in this forest near Saal. Forex is the movie and photo are allowed! Apply with me ... my fetish preferences you see in the profile and with my movies you should look at;)
Trampling outdoors
... the sun was shining, the birds were chirping and the day was just perfect for a little trampling with my naked slave outdoors. This works even without high heels;)
Make a referral to Mistress Nycky
Look at the video, everything is described ... it is for you Sissy or male object that likes to wear heels and wants to apply to me to make a small clip in these beautiful pumps.
Walk in knight boots
Here you have some nice walks in forest Springer boots, as I was now a few days on the Baltic Sea .... and now imagine you could lie underneath, lick it and feel nice on your skin;)
My dog ??slave has got free
Since my slave dog can not sit in the cage forever and I also wanted to let out my play partner, I hunted my dog ??on the necklace out of the cage. A show-round extra for the mistress so she can see how beautiful the little dog can kneel on the stone slabs greek.
Klinikroom Shooting with wax stripes
After the clinic room session was over and I still felt like playing with pain, I forced my victim on the couch and tortured him with cold wax strips;)
Photo shoot in black catsuit and chastity
This small picture series was made by a slave who wanted a house visit from me. He was kept chaste and mistreated to my liking + mood. A sexy black catsuit was of course a must!
Dog slave in his cage
After the cage is now finished and my dog ??slave is now available as a test object, the beautiful cage was tried out the same time. Do you want to be in my hands and become my loyal dog slave?
Photo shoot in red catsuit
Small private, relaxing photo shoot in red catsuit and some game materials. I`m curious what you say ... this is synonymous in black;)
slave to the tree
.... since one likes to arrange a session outdoors with me, which should be even up to 24 hours, I remembered our tree on the edge of the field - where boars and deer drifting mischief. Since many a slave thinks yes, I make jokes, I chained him comfortably in the late afternoon to the tree. See for yourself!
Slave and the water hose reel ...
.... I had an old water hose reel in the garden. The part was just too bad for the scrap, so I read something and now I was looking for a test slave who wants to deliver himself to me and with whom I can play on it. Now this slavery had to finally stop and surrender to my bondage. What would you like to experience with me in his place like that?
Shooting in sandals
A small spontaneous sandals shoot in my hall, for my foot and shoe fetishists. Requested photo requests are allowed!
My beautiful feet...
...since you find my feet so beautiful and this always pleases, I thought to myself, I`ll do a little video for you! Foot request video requests allowed!
Trampling with high heels with a difference
Beautiful photo shoot during a trampling session with new high heels in a test studio in Dresden. The idea with the board was so great and ran on the slaves gorgeous;)
Slave showered part3
After my NS Sklavensau prepared in Part 1 and was poured over in Part 2 with pee, he now got a splendid ice cold shower with the watering can.
Beautiful feet in the bark
Small photo shoot for you Food Lovers / Food fetishist.I also accept requests!
NS slave was prepared Part 2
After I had relaxed prepared my NS slave (see part 1), I could now relish the enjoyment of the game of piss and sat down on the toilet chair. When he almost suffocated with my pipimachen, I brought my accumulated reserve to the spot and he got a wonderful NS.
Dream woman in Lack corsage
Small photo shoot on my red leather couch in black lack corsage with nylon stockings.
NS slave is preparing part 1
So I love it when I can work my slave at nice weather, on the bark mulch place, in all sat for session without many phrases and thousands questions. ... Just relax with the lukewarm summer wind bondage and look forward to the NS session. Well, do you feel like it?
For hand fetish lovers
Since there is one or the other fetish lovers for hands, I have started here a small series of photos of my hands when creaming. Pay attention to the fingernails :)
Geiler Fick in the clinic room
.. First photo shoot in the clinic room, then fingered my slavery, stuck his cock in me and quickly he was fix and all .... can you make it longer?
Photo shoot in the leopard catsuit
Here I enjoy a sexy photo shoot in leopard outfit. Have fun.
Clinic Room Shooting in Lack
Small clinic room shoot in hot lack outfit. Here could have served me a slave :)


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