EmmaSecret (25)
I am Emma, 23 years old and am curious what awaits me here! Do you want to get to know me and learn more about me? Just write me! :) Kisses Emma :*


Lingerie shoot!
Hello my sweet, I have specially made a photo shoot for you. Of course in high heels, lingerie and stockings. I hope you like it and you enjoy it;)! Your Emma: *
Under the open sky is pissing!
You like a nasty tasty Pissfotzen and love to be pissed from top to bottom? Well then you have to go for a walk with me. Because I had to go to the bathroom so badly because my bladder was full again. Unfortunately, everywhere were people, but no matter I just sat in front of a barbecue and pissing; D. And my girlfriend has nothing better to do than film, but good for you, right? ;-) Imagine you are lying directly under me and want to catch every drop! How would it then go on with us? :-)
My first user rotation! Part 2!
Finally it was time my first user rotation was finally on! The cute Benny drove extra 200 km to visit me! Madness what a hot cock he had and how well he tasted, of which I`m still wet. First I have blown off his hot cock nice and then he has fucked me in my tight wet pussy! Absolutely horny fuck! And in the end he has me gelatinized the whole face! How far would you drive for a user rotation with me?
My first user rotation! Part 1!
Finally it was time my first user rotation was finally on! The cute Benny drove extra 200 km to visit me! Madness what a hot cock he had and how well he tasted, of which I`m still wet. First I have blown off his hot cock nice and then he has fucked me in my tight wet pussy! Absolutely horny fuck! How far would you drive for a user rotation with me?
With the horny BonniRyder outdoors! I was so rare!
I licked BonniRyder so hot to orgasm - that was so indescribably cool! That was the biggest surprise this year on vacation for me! Geiler sex with a woman and that also completely naked, outdoor. I was already very nervous and could not believe BonniRyder accidentally met on vacation. But I was so horny again and could not wait until we are in the hotel room, so we stopped right on the way to the hotel on a cliff to do it really wild. HAMMER! It was so awesome for us both and the beautiful outdoors! What would you like to do with us?
Fingered on the high seat! Extremely Public !!
When jogging, I`m always horny immediately! These horny tight clothes and panties which always runs while running in my pussy and a beautiful Cameltoe depicts how it rubs nice on my horny cunt and with each step I`m getting hornier and hornier! I will then just infinitely wet and fuck-happy! No wonder that I then quickly search for a high seat and then just take off and spoil my horny cunt to the climax;)! So come into the woods and watch me;)!
Three pussies take a lesbian fuck break!
It was time again, Vivian Schmitt, Bonn iRyder and I were hungry and therefore took a break from the photo shoot. Since the photographer has made us so horny, we were hungry for our wet little pussies and made therefore almost always a horny Lesbian break. We did not care that we were in the middle of a park and could be discovered at any time. But the lesbians fuck break is there that we can lick each other our tight gaps in order to be motivated again for the photo shoot! Works almost always with us or what do you think?
The pee panties
On this panty waiting a dirty finale, but we start slowly;). For two days I have worn this panties, no matter on what occasion and you saw it already on the panties;). Now came the big finale after I was peeing, of course I wiped my wet pussy with toilet paper, but nicely put on the panties directly, I little bastard; P and then I have it all day worn;). This was a request video, if you also want to have such a perverted video, then write me it;)
Public solo in the department store!
I was shopping and was suddenly pretty cool again! That`s why I had to lend a hand directly in the shop! So take some clothes and go to the locker room! My cunt was already pretty wet when I was in the locker room! I rubbed my wet cunt right in the shop. OH MAN, I was excited to get it in the full department store with my pants down directly. The idea to be caught at any time is pure tension and extremely cool at the same time! That was definitely the reason why I also got a hot orgasm so fast! In public places it is still the hottest, although I could not just scream out my lust !!! So who`s going to the next shopping tour ?!
At the Camen disturbed by the boyfriend of the roommate!
Since I was just beautiful on camen and there came the friend of my roommate in the room and wanted me to give him a blowjob. Of course I will not say that twice and already his cock was in my mouth. Would you also disturb me at the camen?
Pussies play shortly before closing time!
Today shortly before the end of work came over me pure lust. This tingling and craving in my pussy had to be satisfied, so I pulled out directly in the office. Beautiful in stockings I rubbed my greedy pussy and got me wild on the desk chair. I only stopped after my hungry cunt was totally satisfied and I came to orgasm horny. Fortunately, I was not caught, but I think every boss wants a secretary who does a little self-satisfaction before closing time, hihi. Or what would you have said as my boss?
Sperm intoxication with a beautiful view!
Oh dear, Bonni Ryder and I are embarrassing! Our lust has brought us back into a blatant situation. We went for a nice walk and enjoyed the beautiful view. Here we were again really cool on a tail. But the way home was in between and you do not always find someone who is to have sex outdoors. But as luck would have it, there was a horny guy around and wanted us to jerk off his hot cock. I love such actions. So we gave him a horny Abspritz help? Really horny, he jerks off his stiff cock and gets the cream out. A splash landed nicely on me. Well, do you want to be surprised by us while walking?
Cuckold! Get your foreign sperm kiss!
You missed something, my darling! I just got fucked violently, of course without gum! I really enjoyed it, how he stuffed my pussy properly! You can not do that small loser! For small submissive horny Wixxknechte as DU, there is only one delicious cum kiss! Since you stand on it, when I run out of sperm from the mouth. How should you control yourself there? I`m going to be alien to you for some time already, so you`ll be fine doing what I say. I always knew that you want to lick the foreign sperm with your Schlabbermaul. Let`s go…..
Santa Surprise
Well my sweetie, here`s a little Santa surprise for you. I used the first time a glass dildo, very stylish in candy cane shape, Santa has brought me for my horny wet cunt. Now I have to be very good, otherwise there will be next year only the rod of Knecht Ruprecht, but who knows, maybe I want that too;). And I think you know me, because I can not be good, right? ;)
Sexy Adventskalender 2018
Dieses Jahr habe ich einen ganz besonderen Adventskalender für dich! Jeden Tag enthülle ich etwas mehr! ;) Ich wünsche dir viel Spaß dabei und hoffe, dass er dich schön aufheizt in der kalten Jahreszeit. :*
PREMIERE! My 1st time with Vivian Schmitt!
MADNESS!!! It actually happened !! Vivian Schmitt called me and I could already hear from her voice that she has a crazy idea! When we met on holiday outdoor and in public, she stood in a hot bikini in front of me, as if that had not been enough, they really wanted to turn our first lesbian clip together !! OH MY GOD!!! She could taste my lust right! MAD GEIL HOW LICKS MY CITIES !!!! What do you say, should I shoot lesbian clips more often?
My first horny footjob!
I thought my feet must finally be inaugurated. So off on the street turned on a guy and taken home and then he got a footjob that has washed;). Oh that was cool to feel his cock between my toes! As a reward, he was allowed to inject all his juice on my feet. And who is next?
POV! Who wants me as a passenger?
Just imagine I`m sitting next to you in the car and you`re driving us somewhere. Suddenly you realize why traveling with me is something special. I`ll jerk your cock you`re finally coming! Then of course I`ll try your sperm !!! So, who is the next one who wants to go for a ride with me?
Cliffs piss! PUBLIC in front of others!
Damn it there you are on the way and far and wide no toilet - so from the cliffs and that there were - I do not care! I have to PISS people !! By the time people have disappeared, I`ve already burst as much as I`ve drunk! So fuck on it, I just piss on the floor !! What should it!!! What would you have said if you had been on the cliffs ?!
Test of courage! Naked by the forest!
During filming for a few new clips, I was traveling in the beautiful Eifel. Suddenly my shooting partner came up with an idea and wanted to make a bet with me. In front of the complete camera crew I should walk down through the forest without! OMG it was such a beautiful day and the forest was full of hikers. What do you think if I did it to the end? And what would you have done if you had found me like that?
Lesbian power against Halloween curse! Part 2
31.10. Halloween! In the first part had the three horny girls Bonni Ryder, Emma Secret & Vivian Schmitt against a sex obsessed mind with their lesbian power. With her horny pussy juice and licking pussy strong, they could calm the mind first, but how long? Emma seems to be gone or is she just too horny and trying to calm the mind with a hot solo number? The other girls will be there in no way inferior, so that the pussies are rubbed wild and the cunt juice dripping again! But still everyone expects a scary surprise at the end;)
Lesbian power against Halloween curse! Part1
31.10. Halloween! The three horny girls Bonni Ryder, Emma Secret & Vivian Schmitt enjoy the rest on their finca after a long shooting day. What they do not know, the finca is cursed by a sex obsessed spirit who has been mischievous there for years. The girls have to lick their minds with united lesbian power and horny cunts, do they have a chance? Because the pussy juice must already dripping properly before one can free himself from the clutches of this mind. But here the girls are real experts and the big pussy lick can begin!
Public! Fingered in the western amusement park!
OMG! Was that a KICK! When I was NACKT in the middle of this Western amusement park, then I took off my panties and put my fingers in my small, tight, wet pussy! Was that cool to know, to be caught at any time and to be seen by every leisure park visitor;)! In the middle of the amusement park to orgasm worried! What would you do if you saw me sitting there like that?)?
The high seat baptism!
I always wanted to piss really cool from a high seat. Today during the walk I discovered a small hidden high seat. So quickly watched that no one comes, quickly the jeans from the ass and climbed up. Then nice pissing in the high arc down. It was cool ... but look yourself;). Who wants to stand under it next time?
Kinky cliffs in Mallorca!
I was in Mallorca last week and did something really crazy there! In the middle of the cliffs I have worried myself and meanwhile had spectators for my orgasm in front of the camera !!! Normally I would have waited until the air was clean, but my bus left in 10 minutes, so I had to either leave it alone or do it myself right in front of the other tourists and the boats myself. I have never fucked before others and then immediately on a tourist attraction!
A nasty break!
I was driving home from work by car. Such rides always bother me so much and suddenly I was really horny! So what should I do? There were cars and wanderers everywhere. Hmm !!! Well, no matter, I drive to a parking lot and do it myself! Well, the cars that pass, I did not care !!! But see for yourself how I spoil the pearl with relish! What would you do with such a break?
Horny in Mallorca!
I was traveling in Mallorca and have a nice bay for sunbathing and swimming wanted! The problem is, I always get so horny on Mall! I really do not know why that is, maybe the nice weather, the hot guys or just the great view! Well, I was not alone in the bay, but I did not care, you know me;), and I`ve just done it to myself! My god was that horny again! The pussy was soaking wet too !!!! So who flies with me to Malle?
Pissing in the middle of the highway! PUBLIC!
I was traveling with my car and I had to pee urgently! Well, and I thought, to sit on the edge, yes, any. So I just stand in the middle of the street and pee! So I can at least make for a traffic jam;). Well, what would you do if you came around the corner by car and saw me standing there like that?
Anal solo! Now the biggest plug is put in!
As you have seen in my last clip, I find it Anal also pretty cool! I put two of the three plugs in my ass, but I have not battled the biggest, BIS NOW! This time I took the biggest and pushed me nicely into my tight asshole, ohhhhhh that was cool! How nice the plug is in my ass and directly my pussy got wet again and I just had to finger my orgasm! What do you mean, goes one more size in my ass?
First anal solo with anal plug
Boa I`m so horny on my first anal fuck that I`m constantly anal myself do! Meanwhile, I have three anal plugs and the first two smaller I meanwhile totally master. What a cool feeling it is, if the plug is in my ass and I do it myself! OMG I`ll be totally wet again, if only I think about it. So, it`s time for my first anal fuck or what do you mean?
Pissed in the shower!
I stood in the shower and had to pee urgently! Since I just peed on it cool. The horny pee ran beautifully down my legs and nice on my feet. Pitsch patsch in the pee is fun! How beautiful the piss ran down my legs, a really cool feeling! Well, who wants a horny pee shower?
When sunbathe become cool!
What are those for temperatures ?! Nobody can stand that! So off in the bikini and out in the nature. Unfortunately, the outdoor pool was completely overcrowded, so I just put in the residential area on a meadow. Only I did not think about my problem. I`m always so horny when it`s so warm! So it did not take long and the bikini was gone;). Want to be with the next sun?
Perverted Spanner filming me while moving in the woods!
What was that sick spanner ?! Since I think I would be alone in the forest and could change clothes, so I can sunbathe in the clearing and there is already a tensioner ready and filming me as I change my clothes. Unbelievable the guy! Well wait, I`ll punish him soon, do you have any idea what to do with him?
User Gift! Solo with Real Dong dildo
There was a user very nice to me and gave me this huge black dildo! Since I could not wait long and wanted to feel this huge part in my pussy! OMG is the cool feeling of this huge part in my tight pussy, MADNESS !!!! My pussy was so wet, I just had to ride this part! What was that a horny orgasm!
User bet! Can I get the 2 liters ?!
Since a user challenged me and beahuptet I would not be able to piss 2 liter mug! I did not say that twice! So measuring cup out, dress up and off the horny pee! I would say it done, a la pee;)
Solo in lingerie outfit !!
No matter what the weather, I always like to wear hot lingerie. The problem that I always have is that I`m always so horny! So quickly pulled out of the Hot Pant and because no horny guy was there, I just made it myself! Where is a horny guy when MRS needs him ?!
Lesbian dreams with AlinaLamour! The first time with a woman!
I`ve known Alina since Venus 2017. We`ve been good friends since then and we get along really well. This of course gives us many common women`s issues. And the last time we met, it just happened and I did not think it would happen! I had no Lesbian experiences until then. It was my first time with a woman and oh my god it really made me crazy and horny! But I will not tell you more, so you better watch yourself ;). And do not forget a rating and a comment if you liked it. Your Emma: *
Solo at the Cologne Domblick directly at the A1!
I was on the famous Domblickplattform and enjoyed the view. But only a cathedral and a lot of cars on the A1, I found quite boring. Besides, I was pretty horny again! I put a little action on the platform. Who comes next with everything and looks at the cathedral with me?
The ex-boyfriend pissing on the car!
I was on the road and behold, which car was there in the parking lot? That of my fucking ex-boyfriend, the A **** had lied to me after line and thread, so I thought a small revenge would be good! I then pissed him on his precious car. Car wash with a difference ;).
Little Red Riding Hood pisses in the snow!
I was traveling with my red coat. So all of them call me Rotkäppchen, but if Little Red Riding Hood pissed in the snow? What do you think, am I a good Little Red Riding Hood?
Red lingerie always make me so horny!
I had my red lingerie on and I`m always so horny! Well, I could not stand it for long and my pussy was already very wet! What do you think, should I often wear red?
On the mobile phone is nothing going on, I`ll do it myself!
I was sitting on the couch and checking my cell phone for a while, when I suddenly realized how I was being filmed. At first I was a little sober, but then I dropped all inhibitions and did it myself. Spontaneously it is still the hottest!
The ranger pissing next to the car!
I was traveling in the woods and when the forester did not pay attention for a moment, I just pissed next to his car ;)! A little pee for the forest floor must be easy. Luckily nobody saw me in the parking lot. What would you have done if you had caught me?
User request! He bet that I do not get the cup full!
Seriously, a user is asking me out of this and I think I`m not getting the measuring cup full. But you know me, I will not say that twice. So bet on it and I would say, clearly won! The next time it should be a 2 liter cup, tzz I can do that ;)
Pee on the highway in the forest!
I was traveling in the woods and thought to myself, I leave the trees also something pee there ;). Then, unfortunately, I was surprised by a few hikers, so I had to stop quickly. But hey, the main thing what pee left ;). I hope you like the short clip. Your Emma: *
So becomes a boring drive to a wild car ride!
I was in the car with a buddy of mine. Then I got bored and I thought, I make the ride a bit wilder ;). Well I think that I did very well or what do you think? Do you want to do a lap with me in the car soon?
Pee just for you!
I was alone at home and urgently needed to go to the bathroom. Wow, so much pee at once, awesome !!! And nobody had time to taste my pee, what a waste. Would you have been on the spot and tried a round?
Horny on the couch!
My roommate was once again with her boyfriend and I therefore alone at home. Since I was totally horny again and nothing went on TV, I thought I had a little fun with myself. What can I say, I was so wet again and had a hot orgasm, time is that I finally fuck again!
Special break on the beautiful view!
I was traveling by car and got horny. Since I was traveling alone, I thought I have a little fun and enjoy the beautiful view. Luckily I had a small toy with me and was able to enjoy myself. No idea if anyone has seen me, but that does not really matter to me ;)
A bath with pee!
Hi sweety, I have specially filled the bathtub for you with pee. After all, a bath is healthy, so what does it look like when will you finally take your bath? If you like, I`ll piss in again, if you`re in it. So hurry up and come over! Your Emma: *
Do you want to help me with creaming?
Would you help me with creaming? I would be very happy if you did that, because so cream alone is not the same as if you did it! Hope you have time for me soon and we two have our fun! Your Emma: *
Spanner films me while taking a shower !!
Since I`m just nice to take a shower and there comes this brazen tensioner and just shoots me. Well, hey, if he is already filming, I can soap myself well and give him a small show. Would you have filmed me too?
Public pee in the middle of the trail parking lot!
I was traveling by car in the countryside and wanted to enjoy the beautiful nature. Unfortunately, there are no toilets in the great outdoors, so I thought, I let the hikers a little souvenir of me! Then just pissed in the middle of the trail parking lot! The passing motorists looked pretty stupid, but I did not care. You just have to see that!
Bilder aus meinen Filmen
Hi Süßer, hier sind ein paar Bilder aus meinen Filmen, also immer mal wieder hier nachgucken, ob ich neue Bilder hochgeladen hab. Deine Emma :*
Alone at home! My first solo movie!
Alone at home! My first solo movie I was alone at home again and damn horny. Unfortunately, no guy had time for me, so I thought, I lend a hand. Human, I was wet again! Would you have had time for me?
Some private snapshots :)
Hey you, here are some private snapshots of me. I hope you like them. Yours Emma :* #private #sexygirl #teen #emmasecret
Ein paar private Bilder von mir! :)
Hier ein paar erste private Bilder von mir. Ich hoffe sie gefallen dir! Deine Emma :*


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