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Usually I`m a quiet and shy person, but I also do have an adventurous side.


Naked Apron Cooking
Is there anything more beautiful: You wake up in the morning in your cozy bed after a long (hot and exhausting) night and the delicious smell of breakfast is hanging in the air. And in the kitchen you will find your beloved, who prepares the delicious morning meal - and that while being dressed in nothing more than just an apron. If you like this fantasy, then this video will definitely please you too because that is excatly what awaits you here! "Good morning, Darling! What do you want first? Me or breakfast?" (-^.^-) Videolenght: 00:03:19
Did you like my Pika Gijinka Cosplay? Then I`m sure you`re gonna love this one, too! After all, you`re going to get to see a hot monster trainer for a change ;)
Misuse of household objects (part 7): Tools
This video is not just for artisans (though those of you who are will never see their tools with the same eyes after this movie). So if you want to see what else one can do with a few screwdrivers, you should not miss this clip. And with "a few" screwdrivers, I mean a complete set by the way ;) What? That`s still not extreme enough for you? Then look forward to the finale, where my stuffed pussy gets hammered again. Probably not in the sense that you may understand now, but a hammer is certainly included ;) Videolength: 00:13:23
Misuse of household objects (part 6): Hairbrush
Of course, there are people who also use a hairbrush on their more intimate areas, but in this video, it`s not just a matter of styling pubic hairs. I can show you quite different things that this hairbrush can do in combination with my sexy pussy. And believe me, feeling the "nubs" of the brush in my wet cunt, as they massage my hot and wet love tunnel, is so hot!!! You definitely need to watch this! Video Length: 00:03:20
Misuse of household objects (part 5): Candles
There are so many different uses for candles that you have probably also thought about this one before ;) But that shouldn`t mean that this video will be boring for you! Not only will you be able to watch me as I insert a candle into my wet pussy - in this video there will be two different candles, one of them being a really fat pillar candle that will stretch my tight pussy pretty far. Well, did that get you already curious (and horny)? Then take look at it with your own eyes instead of just imagining it !! Video Length: 00:07:25
Bottling Piss
The title is program! In this video, you can take a very close look on how I fill my liquid gold into a bottle. Video-Lenght: 00:01:10
Pika Gijinka
Pika? Pika-Pi! Chuu!!
Misuse of household objects (part 4): Toys
You`re probably thinking "Oh, if it`s toys in this video, then it isn`t actually a misuse of something," but these toys are not sextoys, but something that`s even better than the most unusual dildos that are up for purchase. And the way, in which I play with this awesome dick replacement, is certainly not what the manufacturers intended to be done with it. So watch me, as I push this toy into my wet pussy and get off more from it than from my best dildos ;) Video Length: 00:03:58
Lady in Red (Wetlook)
Here is my reinterpretation of the "Lady in Red" - in wetlook style. So if you like one or the other (or even both), you should definitely look at these erotic pictures of mine. My shiny red clothes, my glistening body and the hot perspectives are just a MUST SEE!!!
Misuse of household objects (part 3): cardboard box
The object that is allowed to meet the inside of my hot cunt in this video is a cardboard box. This may sound odd, but I am really creative in my misuse and I am happy to show you how this works. So, learn something new and watch this randy video! Video Length: 00:04:37
Misuse of household objects (part 2): Baton
And another clip from my video series "How to misuse normal household objects". The title is exactly, what you get to see! In this video I shove this strange "baton" in my wet pussy . What exactly this stick actually is, the hot secret that it hides and the sight of how I fuck my naughty cunt with it, is all for you to see and learn, if you simply watch this video;) Video Length: 00:02:51
Misuse of household objects (part 1)
This is the first clip to my video series "Misuse of objects". And the title is exactly what you`re imagining it to be! You want to see exactly what objects I put into my hot and wet pussy, which are not really intended for this sort of use? Then just rest your curiosity and watch this video! I do not want to reveal which object it is that I`m going to push into my pussy in this video, but you maybe you can guess what it is before it will be revealed ;) (It will be definitely revealed by the end of the video.) Video Length: 00:02:24
Naked Grilling
What is summer without grilling? Unimaginable, right? But you know, what is even better than just grilling? Me grilling - completely naked! I mean, it does get very hot on my small balcony, while the meat is sizzling on the grill, after all. So be prepared to see lots of naked meat in this video ;) Video Length: 00:03:59
Schollgirl Aiko-chan
You`re only ever as old as you feel and I just so happen to look rather cute in a traditionell sailor school uniform, Bloomers or a school swim suit. Don`t you agree ;)
Ariella the merbitch
The far toot trusting mermaid Ariella suffers a trgic fate, as she`s taken away by a human to his human, where she`s kept, together with her little fish friend, Fabrizio, in a bathtub. Will she ever find freedom again? Maybe once she`s managed to become a human... - But who cares about that! Let`s face it, if you ever had the chance, you would also keep a mermaid in you bathtub, wouldn`t you ;)
Teasing Underwaer
In this gallery you get to view some of my underwear - of course I put them on especially for you ;) Do you find my lingerie as hot and sexy as me?
Lips and Tongue (and plaing with Saliva)
The title of this gallery says it all, because these pictures focus on my sweet lips and my hot and wet tongue.
Peeing in my Pants (Gallery to the Video)
Pictures from my video "Peeing in my Pants": The title says it all :) I pee in my pajama pants so much that they`re totally wet!
Simply Me
In this gallery are pictures that didn`t quite fit in another gallery. They may be a bit random, but they`re great and beautiful pictures nonethless ;)
Creamy Panty Insides
Look at the inside of my panties and thongs! They`re totally dirty - full with my pussy creme and all wet!! Isn`t this a really hot sight?!
Milky and Cold (Gallery to the Video)
In this gallery you look at some pictures that were directly taken from my video "Milky and Cold" + 2 bonus pics ;) In the summer ice cream is always a good way to cool off. But after looking at these pictures, it`ll make you all hot and bothered! If you`re not scraed of never being able to see ice cream in the same way again, then let me show you what I can do with it ;)
I know that you usually prefer me naked, but the clothes that I wear at night to sleep in (if I ever do wear something for that) has certainly its own charms, too. How about you just take a look for yourself at my collection of nightgowns and pajamas in this gallery?
Come to enjoy some eastern falir (and some more) within this beautiful gallery of mine. Ai-chan is waiting for you already ;)
Porcelain Doll
Didn`t you ever wonder what you could do with a beautiful life-sized doll? You can brush her hair, dress her any way you want... amd probably do a lot more than just looking and admiring her beauty. So, what would you do to me?
Pervy Bride
At your wedding surely someone will tell you to remember well how your bride looks, at this very moment, because she may never look more beautiful than right now... Well, I`m sure that you will remember the beautiful pictures of this gallery very well, so take a good look at them ;)
Christmas Time
No matter if it`s as reindeer Rudolph (with the shiny red nose), as Santa terrorising Christmas Bunny, or just as myself in a hot christmas outfit - with this gallery you are bound to get in the right mood for Christmas Time (and some more).
Your Slave - Your Pet
You want to see me as your slave? You want me to be your own personal pet? Then you should take a look into this gallery, to get a much better idea of how that could be like!
Crushing you slowly - barefoot (Gallery to the Video)
In this gallery you get to see some parts from my video "Crushing you slowly". Of course getting to see and hear the wole spectacle is way better, because you don`t get to hear the nice cracking sound as I`m crushing the chocolate Santa Claus (and my commentary is also missing). But maybe this is giving you a good idea of what the video is like and might make you a bit more interessted ;)
In time for Easter your kitten can turn into a cute Easter Bunny, too :3 So let this gallery get you into the right mood for Easter. Of course I do know exactly where I have to search for your eggs ;)
Cowgirl Mary-Ann
You need some spice in your life? Then let Cowgirl Mary-Ann take you into the wild West. There are fast guns and hot babes. But don`t worry, instead of shooting bullets we were only shooting these hot photos ;)
Watersporting (Gallery to the Video)
Pictures from the video: Does it turn you on to watch me pee? And would you love it even more, if I were to play with myself, while doing it? In this gallery you get exactly that! Look at me peeing as I sit in my bathtub and finger myself!
You may or may not have heard of it, but every year in Germany there is a Munich Beer Festival. You get to drink lots of beer, get to eat great food and can look at beuatiful woman in so-called Dirndls. Let this gallery show you some of this german festive atmosphere.
Short Footjob
In this video my feet are going to play with one of my favourite dildos for a bit. How about you just imagine that it`s actually your proud hard-on that gets pleasured by my feet? Video Lenght: 00:01:53
Summer Feeling
When it`s summer I just love to wear summer dresses (amongst other things), because they`re romantic and breezy and I just look irresistable and adorable in them. Check it out for yourself and take a look at this gallery ;)
Sexy Nurse Blows
The words "nurse" and "blows" certainly do sound good, but in this vdeo you may not get to see what you`re expecting first. Because in this video your sexy nurse Feleicitas "blows" up an air guitar. Of course this is still very exciting and erotic (especially if you have a fetish for inflated cheeks) so you should really check this video out ;) Video Length: 00:05:25
Diaper Wearer
You have a diaper fetish? Then you should take a look at these diapers! But don`t get jealous now ;)
In this video I`m doing some fitness exercises, even though I am usually a lazy and unathletic cat . You`re welcome to do them, too, while watching :) The exercises can be viewed from most different perspectives. And since I`m getting very warm when doing them, I also bare all quickly. You could be getting quite warm with this video, too and that without having to leave your seat ;) Video Lenght: 00:10:39
My beautiful Feet in hot Shoes
In this gallery I show you some of my shoes. And of course I`m presenting them, while I wear them on my beautiful feet :)
Bathroom Collection
In this gallery I`m presenting you with some bathroom utensils. Nothing scandalous - just some towels and washcloths. But my presentation of these things is very persuading ;)
Lotioning my Boobs
Are you a big fan of my boobs or do you want to become one? Then you will love this video, because here I lotion up my two "best friends" and give them a thorough massage. You really shouldn`t miss this ;) Video Length: 00:00:52
Even when having some "clean fun" one can get dirty thoughts. But who wouldn`t, at the sight of how I would take this vibrating "rod," into my mouth and push it in and pull it out again and again, many times, sometimes slowly and sometimes fast. And when I pull it out, it leaves behind a sticky and white cream, of which some runs out of my mouth and some still remains on the long glistening shaft. Experience how erotic brushing your teeth can be with this video. It`s just perfect, if you have a dental fetish or want to develop one ;) Video Lenght: 00:05:54
Just Cute
Everyone can do sexy, but I can be sexy and also super cute. Check out how cute I am here.
My beautiful Hair
In this gallery you can admire my beautiful, undyed and naturally, long hair.
Bloody Mary
In this little menstruation video, I first make a mess on my pure white panties, before I finger and play with myself and get myself completely dirty in the process, before I finally cum. Video Length: 00:05:28
Peeing with my Jeans on (and off)
This pair of jeans is really getting peed on by me - from the inside and out. And there is so much piss that nothing remains dry, neither the jeans nor the floor. I really had pressure on my bladder ;) If you`re a fan of golden shower or just want to watch me pee, this video is for you!! Video Length: 00:03:18
Beach Fashion
One of the advantages of summer is that you can admire hot beach beauties in even hotter bikinis and bathing suits. However thanks to this gallery you can admire me in some swim wear whenever you want ;)
Crushing eggs and banana with awesome plateau boots
In this video I show you how I crush a banana and two raw eggs with my awesome, shiny Cybergoth plateau boots. Can you imagine the mess that I will make? But why just imagine it, if you can actually see it, right in this video here ;) Video Length: 00:01:55
Peeing in the Bathtub
I was too lazy to shave, I didn`t bother to wash myself before this either, even though I just had my "strawberry days" and since I was also too lazy to use the toilet properly, naughty me decided to just take a piss in the bathtub. I guess this just happens when kitties aren`t properly trained, because as you can see, I am still not quite clean ;) Video Length: 00:00:40
Taking my temperature - Anally
You are looking for stuff related to "anal"? How about a round of taking my temperature anally? In this video you get a very nice view of my plump ass and get to watch as I put a fever thermometer in my butt. ...but of course you`re only watching this video, because you want to know what my temperature is, don`t you ;) Video Lenght: 00:00:56
Foot Care
You can observe in this video how I do some care for my left foot from up close. First the sole is treated with an electric corneal remover and then the foot and each toe are getting lotioned up one by one. And in the end you will also see what the corneal remover has infact removed ;) Enjoy! Video Length: 00:04:01
Easter Sweets
When it`s Easter there also tons of candy to eat, aside from the colorful eggs: ranging from chocolate Easter bunnies to cream filled chocolate eggs and more. And since I have a sweet tooth I can`t resist this! Maybe you wanna have a little peek at how I devour the sweets and get to enjoy yourself a bit, too ;) Video Lenght: 00:03:15
Open up wide
You want to look deep inside of me? You want to see everything of my hot, wet pussy? Then look at it now!
Laying Eggs
Your dearest Hope is laying a few eggs for Easter - just like a real Easter bunny! Or how was that with the eggs and the bunny again? Who cares! To get you in the right mood for Easter, I squeeze a few colorful Easter eggs from my hot, wet pussy and you get a place in the front row ;) Video Length: 00:01:04
Sexy Maid scrubs your Bathtub while wearing Latex Gloves
Isn`t it really convenient to have maid doing all the housework for you? What, you don`t have one?! Then you can just imagine that the maid in this video is scrubbing YOUR bathtub. And while doing it, she uses a pair of latex gloves. Your bathtub won`t be cleaner afterwards, but the sight of this maid is very well worth it ;) Video Lenght: 00:02:10
2 Dildos 1 Hole
Are you a curious person? Well, me too ;) And if you want to know if these two big dildos can really fit into my hot and tight pussy at once, you should watch this video! Video Length: 00:10:06
Fashion Show
In this video you will get a glimpse of what`s in my wardrobe, while I try different outfits on for you and of course, I also change my clothes multiple times (inclding my underwear). Video Length: 00:17:22
Elegant Lolita Fashion
If you have a fetish for girls wearing this fashion style, then that`s already considered a sin. But if you like it, I won`t say anything. I just wanted you to see this site of me, too.
Peeing in my pants
The title says it all :) I pee in my pajama pants so much that they`re totally wet! Video Length: 00:01:11
Does it turn you on to watch me pee? And would you love it even more, if I were to play with myself, while doing it? In this video you get exactly that! Watch me peeing as I sit in my bathtub and finger myself! Video Length: 00:02:11
My sexy legs in tights
In this gallery you can admire my sexy legs, feet and my tight ass in tights (pantyhose). It`s certainly a sight that you shouldn`t miss!
Sexy Nurse Cosplay
Finally there is a really good reason to get sick. I mean, which patient wouldn`t like to be treated by this sexy nurse, after all?
My feet in socks and stockings
Do you want to see my feet in socks and stockings, you little sock sniffer ? Then have it - right here, in this gallery!
Putting lotion on my Legs (Gallery to the Video)
In this gallery you get to see a few pictures taken from my video "Putting lotion on my Legs".
Putting lotion on my Legs
Pretty legs need care and I will share this special moment with you. Watch how I lotion my legs. Video Length: 00:00:32
Milky and Cold
In the summer ice cream is always a good way to cool off. But after this video, it`ll make you all hot and bothered! If you`re not scraed of never being able to see ice cream in the same way again, then let me show you what I can do with it ;) Video Length: 00:02:11
Crushing you slowly (barefooted)
What belongs to Christmas, like the presents underneath the Christmas tree? Delicious chocolate Santa Clauses (* - ° q ° - *) But this one, will not just simply be eaten by me - it`s going to be crushed by me! And you can watch this delicious spectacle and listen how the defenseless chocolate perishes! Video Length: 00:01:45
Cat Maid Cosplay
Having a housekeeper who keeps the house or apartment clean is not a bad thing. And it`s even better, if this house employee is a cute Cat Maid. Who wouldn`t want this cute thing to clean up at their home?
Anal Plugs Beginner Set (Gallery to the Video)
Pictures from the video: As is known, there is no better introduction for novices than a so-called beginner set. So if you want to watch this "introduction" (even if it`s not for the very first time), this is your chance! Because here you can watch directly and up close as I fuck my tight asshole with three colorful plugs.
Fistdildo Part 2
This is the second part to my Fistdildo video. It`s a continuation of the first part and you get to see me fucking my pussy even more and harder with it! Video Length: 00:08:26
Zhichen Ye (Female Hentai Kamen)
Cosplaying a cosplayer may seem a bit too meta, but Zhichen Ye is such a hot girl that I didn`t wanted to miss out on this chance (especially since I already had so much fun with my Hentai Kamen Cosplay). She is a mystery and the only thing that is known about her is the fact that she wears her own thongs as a mask. It is believed that she is looking for the "ultimate panty" - well, who isn`t?
My Hot Ass
I may have a very petite stature, but my ass is the bomb! And there`s plenty of it to see here, whether in tight panties and thongs or completely naked. And, of course, you can get to see this hot ass from various different perspectives ;)
Anal Plugs Beginner Set
As is known, there is no better introduction for novices than a so-called beginner set. So if you want to watch this "introduction" (even if it`s not for the very first time), this is your chance! Because here you can watch directly and up close as I fuck my tight asshole with three colorful plugs. Video Length: 00:02:12
Fisting with Fist Dildo
In this gallery you can see how I have a little fun with my favorite fist dildo. See how this huge thing disappears inside of me!
Fistdildo Part 1
In this video you can see me getting it on with my favorite Fist dildo. Watch from close up how I fuck my pussy deep and hard with it! Video Length: 00:07:46
You like giantes? You see yourself only as a small midget, who can do nothing but look up to a giantess and then feel even smaller? Then feel like a dwarf in this gallery, because here you can only look up at me.
A Bowl full of pee
I have such a pressure on the bladder that I have to empty myself properly. And you can watch it. Watch how I piss in a glass bowl! And how full the bowl is. Video Lenght: 00:00:38
A Bowl full of Pee (Gallery to the Video)
Pictures from the video: I have such a pressure on the bladder that I have to empty myself properly. And you can watch it. Watch how I piss in a glass bowl! And how full the bowl is.
My Hot Tits
In this gallery you get to see my tits from every possible angle. I may not have the biggest titties, but they have the perfect form! You really shoudn`t miss this.
Wicked Platform Cyber Goth Boots (Gallery for the Video)
Pictures from the Video: In this gallery I`ll show you my silver Cyber Goth Boots, which have many buckles and 8cm (3,15``) high platform sole. Don`t miss out on this!
Mashmallow-filled Pussy (Gallery to the Video)
These are just some few pictures from the actual video, but maybe it stimulates your apetite somewhat and leaves you wanting for more ;) (including one bonus picture, which isn`t from the video)
My Pretty Feet (barefoot)
You have a thing for pretty woman`s feet? Then you`ll enjoy what you`ll get to see. There are some nice close ups of my feet here, too.
Fart Concert (Gallery to the Video)
This whole thing does make much more sense for it to be with picture and sound, but this gallery can at least give you an insight on which perspectives you can expect to see in the video.
Boing Boing (Gallery to the Video)
I actually did made this video, so you could see my titties in motion, so this gallery is defying that purpose, but hey, you can never have enough pictures of tits, right ;)
Peeing in a Corner like a Bitch (Gallery to the Video)
Pictures from the Video: Some pets need to be housetrained. And maybe your CuteKittenHope also needs some training. For as you can see in this gallery, I can be a really naughty kitten ;)
Hentai Kamen Ace (& Hentai Ken)
Who didn`t ever wanted to be a super hero? When I`m cosplaying as one it`s got to be a real hero, of course! The one who wears girl`s panties as a mask on his face. You already know Hentai Kamen, then you know what to expect. If not, it`s time for you to get started getting to know him - right here!
Fart Concert
In this video, I will fart - a lot. I`ve cutted together 11 of my farts and of course none of them is like the other: whether it`s a long stretched fart or just a short passing wind, hot air or a wet fart, with or without pants and panties, it`s always close to the action! Enjoy watching and listening ;) Video Lenght: 00:00:30
Boing Boing
This is just a short clip, where you can see my cute titties in motion ;) Video Lenght: 00:00:10
Mashmallow-filled Pussy
Do you like sweet stuff? Especially marshmallows? Then this video is made for you! Watch how I stuff my hungry pussy. I fill it up with as many marshmallows as possible and play wiht myself afterwards. And as grand finale you get to see what was inside me ;) Can you count how many mashmallows fit inside me? Video Lenght: 00:10:44
Oral and Dental Fetish
Do you have a fetish for teeth, tongue, gums or just the femal mouth in general? You`ve found your paradise then, right here!
Bondage Fairy Phil
You may or not may know Phil from the Bondage Fairy Manga. But whether you already know her or not, I`m sure you`ll love these pictures ;)
Are you a fan of cameltoes? I have quite a few panties, which are really tight. You wanna know how tight? Then check out this gallery ;)
Hot Present
Everyone loves getting gifts and presents. And the best part of presents is unwrapping them. Can you imagine youself unwrapping this hot present?
Peeing in a Corner like a Bitch
Some pets need to be housetrained. And maybe your CuteKittenHope also needs some training. For as you can see in this video, I can be a really naughty kitten ;) Video Lenght: 00:00:43
Wicked Platform Cyber Goth Boots
In this video I`ll show you my silver Cyber Goth Boots, which have many buckles and 8cm (3,15``) high platform sole. Don`t miss out on this! Video Lenght: 00:0038


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